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    Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques: Goldfishes , 2014

    Goldfishes’ is a triptik.
    24K gold plated, ultramarine blue painted, 3D printed resin.

    Linlin and Pierre-Yves are experts artists in the fields of Digital Creation and Visual 3D Production. Their beautiful organic sculptures are realised through a joint creative process which is core to the couple. Each piece resonates with meaning: one can see both Chinese and French cultural references in their intriguing artworks. The artists’ interests and inspirations intertwine in works of art that pay homage to wisdom, the natural world and human emotions. Their work is also infused with the ambiance of Paris, where they spend most of their time. There is an interplay between the harmony of nature and the vibrancy of life in the motley capital of France. The artists’ aim is to entice those who view their artworks, luring them in until they are enraptured and give in to the process of introspection that their art inspires. One cannot help but be drawn to these intriguing sculptures, and this is reflected in the success that Linlin and Pierre-Yves have enjoyed around over the world over the past few years.

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    He Wears, She Wears | The Leather Edition
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    more like this here x

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    90’s nostalgia 

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    Photos by: kaylavphotography.com

    Swimwear by: http://reddollyswimwear.com

    Hair by: Damzlmua

    The cutest

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