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    A+ relationship: Playing video games together, rough sex, pizza and awful humor that only you two can laugh at. 

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    bad lip reading


    motherfucka you gay


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  3. "If there is something wrong with somebody and they cannot change the problem in less than five minutes, don’t point it out."
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    Just another day in Hawaii. // Photo by: @jayayephotovideo #stancenation

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    double canvas

    outkastkafer: Binz & Co. is a custom coashbuilder, located in the small town of Lorch, some 30 km east of Stuttgart. The company produced special bodies for a number of automobile manufacturers, including a series of cabriolets for Mercedes Benz, ambulances on various chassis, and of course the doppelkabine pritschenwagen. It is estimated that about 250 Binz trucks were built, and the location of very few of these are currently known.  This makes the Binz Double Cabs among the very rarest of the production Volkswagens.  For the Type 2, Binz made Double Cabs by taking a Single Cab pick-up and modifying it with an enlarged cab and a rear 3rd door.  A rear seat was optional.  The earliest Binz Double Cab is thought to be a 1953 model.  VW started producing Double Cabs in its own right in late 1958, although Binz continued one-off Double Cab production into early 1959.

    This isn’t a Binz pictured, but interesting historical information.

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    outkastkafer:Paint scheme consisting of brown beige on top and light beige on bottom. Only found on the Barndoor Bus Standard model. Indicative of the pointed turn signals used on VW Buses from 1955-1961 in the USA marketplace as well as the pointed turn signals used on early Oval Beetles, Ghias, and Type 3s.Lowering process that involves the separation of the body from the frame.  The body is “dropped” lower on the frame and then both of them are welded back together.

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